Monday, January 27, 2014

Our VTT Team Arrives

Arrived 10:30 PM on Jan 27th in Entebbe waited 1 hour in customs for visa, went smoothly… All bags arrived and we now had 20 bags of luggage to get drag out of customs hall.… WOW we packed a lot but will leave much behind with new friends and our Health Centers.

Collected ourselves and our luggage and had to fight folks off for baggage “trolleys”…
Outside baggage claim we were met by Deo Sekimpi… our Rotary Club Kampala North coordinator and soon to be the VTT-Makerere leader. We also have 5 or so Rotary Club Kampala North members who stayed up to the “weee hours” of 1:00 AM on Sunday Jan 26th… Thank heavens they organized a school bus, our baggage took more room than we did.

It took a 45 minute ride to the Grand Global Hotel… drove off the beaten path outside of Makerere University main campus but the street to get down to the hotel was more than interesting, in fact it looked like we were really going to rough it … but the hotel was an oasis with friendly staff that stayed up to serve us a GREAT Ugandan meal… Service was extremely friendly… and WE HAD INTERNET… sort of…

Got to our rooms and at about 10:00 AM Sunday Jan 26th… we arose to a sunny day and a nice hotel setting… Our Kampala North Rotarians did well for us. 

We then opened up the next chapter with a wonderful reception by the Kampala North RC at our hotel grounds outside in the evening… about 40 people, including the RC Kampala North President and their club member who is now District Governor Nominee.  We met up with our Makerere University Host Dr. Josaphat and his wife Annette… along with Rtn Grace whom was the little Uganda girl (5 yrs old) that was saved by a Rotarian whom went on to start the Gift of Life project, that today sponsors a Pediatric Heart Institute at Mulago Hospital in Kampala and which now host several VTT’s each year.
The party was GREAT and your team met a lot of Rotarians and learned what we are all about… the dinner was fabulous and then with some remaining jet lag, we retired for the night.

 Our mission at Makerere University begins the next day…

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