Friday, February 7, 2014

Health Camp at Kasangati... We Made an Impact :-)

AMAZING DAY..Thursday February 6, 2014...
We arrived at Kasangati at 9:15 AM on One child convulsing from high fever.. Dr. Yanik diagnosed and treated "Baby Sylvester" on the spot with available medications as best she could.  Needed a CBC (blood test).. to know for sure how to treat. No CBC instrument at health center.. in fact thy only have a microscope as an instrument... the treat over 1,000 patients a month here... so they are certainly in need !! Glad we 

PDG Ron.. as some affectionately call me in Kampala North Rotary... commandeered our Hotel Van and brought Mom and Sylvester to a nearby private but Rotary Kampala North supported health center.. mother had no $$ .. but us Rotarians are covering that cost.. Got to St. Stephens, they were waiting... got IV going and CBC done... massive infection so Mom and Baby staying overnight and got IV antibiotics going... $$ was left for food and Mom is so thankful !!

We may never see this Mom and Sylvester again, but she knows someone cares... Thank you Rotary and VTT Drexel and Makerere !! 

Now you thing that is something... after seeing 500 patients, assessing the facility at 4:00 PM after long day... our VTT-Drexel team member led an emergency C-section that normally would have been referred to Mulago,... 20 km away and to huge hospital far from the mom's support system... a real logistic issue.  After 1 hour.. a new born girl at 3.2 kgs doing well and mom recovering with an excellent prognosis... Wow... what a day

Capped it off with some celebration as members of our team left ... Donna, Laniece and Michelle... we had a live band and cake from the Grand Global Hotel ... our Uganda home... our hotel friends take such good care of us !!!  


  1. What an accomplishment.. we have impressed and made friends

  2. We were exhausted but uplifted by the days work.