Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 1 - Waking Up in Africa

Borrowing from the title of American Author Charley Miller's book, I can say that I just .. "woke up in Africa".

Looking out my hotel window this morning, it sort of seems surreal.  Not only is this my first visit to a tropical climate in the dead of winter in probably 30 years, but it's my first trip ever to this continent.  It's hot and humid ... not to mention dusty and noisy.  And that's just the beginning for us.

We're here in Kampala, six of us on Rotary District 7430's Volunteer Training Team.  We landed at Entebbe International Airport late last night.  We were officially greeted by a wonderful Rotary welcoming party who transported us into Kampala.  By the time we got settled in at our hotel in Kampala, it was the wee hours of the morning.  So we slept in until late morning.

We're 8 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone in the U. S., and today attempting to recover from a 26 hour trip.

This afternoon we took a ride downtown to a nice new shopping mall, kind of an oasis.  We exchanged our dollars into Ugandan schillings, bought SIM cards for our mobile phones so we could communicate with each other on the ground, and just looked around.

Sunday night we were treated to an amazing dinner on the lawn of our hotel by a wonderful group of Rotarians including several club presidents, past presidents, Past District Governor of District 9211, Mr. Tusu Tusibira and his wife Dorcas.

Then late last night I headed back to Entebbe with several Rotarians to greet two additional members of our team who arrived from Los Angeles.

Hope you'll check in frequently.  We have an extremely busy schedule, but I'll make an attempt to write a little and post some pics everyday whenever I can access the Internet.

Incidentally, by what Ive seen so far, I suspect that by the end of my trip, like Charley Miller, I'll be "waking up" ... in Africa.

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