Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 11 - Celebration at Komamboga

A major component of our Rotary Foundation Global Grant is the purchase and dissemination of medical equipment and supplies.  On Wednesday the Rotary Club of Kampala North held a ceremony at Komamboga to dedicate and hand over the equipment to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), the public agency that owns and manages the health care facilities in Kampala.  

Dr. David Serukka of KCCA accepted the equipment on behalf of the Authority.

Contributions from Rotary include digital equipment, hospital beds, neonatal incubators, and a host of other supplies needed to serve the local community.

Community leaders were on hand to speak about local health care conditions and to show appreciation to Rotary and Drexel University for our involvement in their community.

Dr. Deogratias Sekimpi.  Deo is the Project Coordinator for our project.  He led the VVT to Philadelphia in May 2014, and he is my on-the-ground contact for our schedule and logistics.  Deo and I talk or see each other several times a day.

Team Leader Terry Reed presenting the project details and the team to the gathered community.
Dr. Gregg Alleyne of Drexel University College of Medicine with Dr. Joshaphat

Dr. Yanick Vibert

Dr. Laniece Coleman

Dr. Michelle Rogers

Dr. Shannon Marquez

Margaret McMahon

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza

Dr. Ryan Smith

Sr. David Serukka
Director of the Directorate of Public Health & Environment 
for the Kampala Capital City Authority

Dorcas Ayo-Ekau
Dorcas was on the VTT travel team that visited Philadelphia last year.

Past District Governor Tusu Tusibira with Harriet Obbo
both of the Rotary Club of Kampala North.
PDG Tusu and PDG Ron Smith started this whole thing by meeting in San Diego in 2006.

Some of the community elders joked with me about their need for a road leading from the main highway into the health center.  They said that next time we come, we should bring a new road.  It’s in very poor condition.  Reminds me of the worst mountain trails back home.  All joking aside, they related stories of how women in labor would ride on the back of a boda boda in the middle of the night over worse roads than you can imagine, and lose their baby on the way to the labor and delivery room.

Kampala City-Makerere Rotary President George with Kampala North Rotary President Jane
These are the two clubs with whom we are partnered on the project.

Our California-based Pediatric Residents Ryan and Marilyn were back at Mulago Hospital for the afternoon, observing, asking lots of questions, and soaking up as much as they could.

The rest of the team went to a Chinese restaurant downtown for lunch and then we did a little shopping (actually some of us did a lot) during the afternoon.  

We then relaxed over an exquisite Thai dinner in the evening.  The restaurant, Tamarai, is owned by the son of an Indian gentleman, Dr. Patel, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Kampala North and interestingly studied at Temple University back in the 50's.

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