Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 14 - Rotary Charity Walk & Health Camp

On Saturday we attended and worked at a Health Camp held at a football (soccer) stadium in the Lugogo section of Kampala.  This was the 13th year that Rotary Club of Kampala North sponsored this 2K and 5K Charity Walk fundraising event followed by a Health Camp.  This year the event was held in conjunction with Rotary Awareness Day.

Tents were set up around the stadium where people had the opportunity to meet with physicians and other health care professionals from Mulago Hospital.

Our Drexel Med staff was on hand to offer their services.  Owen and Gregg (our OB/GYNs), and Nurse/Midwife Maggie worked in a tent where they did cervical cancer screening and dealt with other women's health issues.  Yanick, Ryan, and Marilyn (our pediatricians) saw many children with a variety of health problems.

Shannon, Ron, and I browsed around the field, meeting and talking with lots of Rotarians and playing with the kids. 

On Saturday night, four of the VTT team members headed home.  Gregg, Yanick, Shannon, and I finished our two weeks in Uganda and said goodbye to the rest of the team who will be continuing the project work.

The five remaining team members left Sunday morning to continue the project "Upcountry", as Project Coordinator Ron Smith likes to say.  Ron, Owen, Maggie, Ryan, and Marilyn took a transport to Jinga where they will use the town as a base for the work this coming week.

The team will be doing HBB, HBB plus, and HMS training of midwives at two additional community health centers - Namalemba and Namungalwe in the Jinja area.

Project Coordinator Past District Governor Ron Smith will be continue to write the blog.  And, I'll add some parting thoughts in the coming days.  Enjoy the photos!

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