Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 3 - Busy Day for All

We held a second day of training for the courses on "Helping Babies Breath" (HBB) and "Helping Mothers Survive" (HMS).  Obstetrician Gregg, Pediatrician Yanick, and Midwife Laniece from our team plus midwives from Mulago Hospital here in Kampala are doing the training.  More about that tomorrow.

Bob John & Michelle Rogers at Makerere

Our Rotary project is bringing computer technology to 4 remote health centers.  Michelle our team IT guru spent much of the day working with Bob John, her colleague at Makerere University Department of Health Sciences on finalizing plans for bringing in the computers, switches, and other digital equipment for distribution to the centers.  Bob was on the VTT team that visited Pennsylvania last April, and he tells us that he may be joining the team on a return trip this spring.

Shannon is our public health expert.  She has been arranging meetings with a variety of agencies, ministries, and NGOs to discuss policy and programs.  Tomorrow we'll be meeting with the Ministry of Labor and we'll be going to the Ministry of Health later in our trip.

Our 2 Resident Pediatricians Ryan and Marilyn were back at Mulago helping out with newborns.  They have been observing and working in the neonatal unit.  They've only been at it a couple of days, but are already learning a lot about childbirth in Uganda compared to their training and experiences in California.  Mulago Hospital has the distinction of being the world's leader in the number of babies born each day - 100.  That's 100 yesterday, 100 today, 100 tomorrow, 100 the next day ........  Imagine the challenges that the medical staff at Mulago faces on a daily basis.

We love the Ugandan food, but we all felt we needed some variety.  So, tonight Dr. Gregg Alleyne treated us to some amazing Italian cuisine at Mediteranneo, among the best restaurants in Kampala. A welcome change!  We treated 3 midwives from Mulago Hospital - Dorcas, Lillian, and Jill, who had a great time.  They've been in training with our HBB and HMS team this week.

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