Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 6 - Helping Mothers Survive at Komamboga

Friday our entire team traveled back to Komamboga and our medical staff, along with staff from Makerere trained the midwives in that community health center in the program – “Helping Mothers Survive”.  This program was developed by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to provide training to medical professionals who assist mothers during childbirth.  It's goal is to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, the main cause of death during childbirth in developing nations.

Friday evening, Shannon, Michelle and I attended the Rotary Club of Kampala City-Makerere weekly meeting to present the program on our VTT project.  This is a small club that meets on the Makerere University campus.  The club joined in with Kampala North Rotary in sponsoring our Global Grant/VTT project.  This is their first project of this magnitude. 

I find it interesting that the Rotary clubs here call their weekly meetings “fellowships”, and the proceedings tend to be quite formal, unlike in the States where club meetings have trended towards informality.  The setting was outdoors under some spreading trees with a marabou stork rookery in the canopy.

We’re all taking a much-needed weekend break and heading east to Jinja and the “Source of the Nile”.  We'll be back in Kampala Sunday night ready to tackle our second week.

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