Monday, February 9, 2015

Rotary in Uganda

Here we are - the eight members of our Volunteer Training Team.  Left to right: Dr. Ryan Smith, Dr. Michelle Rogers, Dr. Gregg Alleyne, Dr. Laniece Coleman, Dr. Shannon Marquez, Dr. Marilyn Mendoza, Dr. Yanick Vibert, and your friendly tour director.

Rotary is strong in Uganda, more than 25 clubs in and around Kampala alone.  On Monday evening our entire team visited the Rotary Club of Kampala North.  They meet in a club at the Nommo Gallery.  This is a fun Rotary club with a lot of fellowship and laughing.   About 50 of their members and quite a few visiting Rotarians from other clubs were in attendance.  The variety of fundraisers and community projects is quite impressive.


Kampala North and the Rotary Club of Blue Bell in Montgomery County are the 2 sponsoring clubs 
of the Global Grant that funded our project.  So visiting this club is sort of like going home.  Most of the club members are familiar with the project and are excited about following the progress of our VTT work in Uganda.

I introduced our team and spoke a few minutes about the project.  Next Monday night we'll be  back at Kampala North as the program.  Should be fun!

We did a banner exchange.  This is a fun tradition in the Rotary world, as each club has a custom-designed banner that represents their location or other special characteristics.   I presented banners from our District and my club (West Reading-Wyomissing) to President Jane Frances Nakato and I received a banner for our club from her.

Past District Governor Tuso Tusibira is a member of Kampala North.  He greeted us last night as we arrived for their club meeting, and offered to drive me on Tuesday morning to his wife Dorcas' club meeting, Rotary Club of Sunrise Kampala.  So, this morning I visited my second club.  Another fantastic experience.  President Monica and I exchanged club banners, and we heard an interesting author talk about love and relationships.  After all, this week we will celebrate Valentine's Day.

At Sunrise Kampala, I met a British Rotarian, Dr. Martin Mather, President of the Rotary Club of Ilfracombe in Devon, England.  Dr. Mather is in the process of applying for a Global Grant from the Rotary Foundation to fund a VTT in the northern part of Uganda.  He and his wife are on a needs assessment trip.  He and I spoke after the meeting, as he was looking for tips on forming a Volunteer Training Team.  He and I will be in touch.


  1. Love your posts! You have raised the bar😄

  2. Six Doctors and then there was Terrry. As usual it looks like you are doing a great job and jumping right in. Proud to be your friend.