Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Farewell - VTT Drexel - 1st Wave Departs

Drexel University hosted a Farwell, with teh VTT Drexel members thanking all the Kamapla area paricitpants from Makerere University and Kamapala North Rotary.

At the meeting, they spoke from their hearts about what they have done but more important what they will be doing to make their efforts sustainable.

Exhausted but satisfied their efforts have made a difference in improving Maternal & Child Healthcare Educational… The 1st wave departs their Ugandan home for their friends, family and colleagues back in Philadelphia… they are armed with more ideas and enthusiasm to continue and expand what has happened in Year 2 of this planned 3 year Rotary Foundation funded effort… they are already thinking about how to pursue and fund this healthcare education project well beyond this initial 3 – year effort.

Saying good bye to
-  Gregg Alleyene, Ob-Gyn
- Dr. Yanick Vibert, Paed
- Dr. Shannon Marquez, School of Public Health and V. Provost of Global Studies
- Dr. Laniece Coleman and Dr. Michelle Rogers had departed a day earlier and missed all the celebrations... Thanks for being again part of VTT Drexel 

As the others below complete the VTT Drexel, training in the up-country Health Centers
- Dr. Owen Montgomery, Ob-Gyn
- Dr Ryan Smith, Paed
- Dr Marilyn Mendoza, Paed         
- Margaret McMahon, Mid-Wife
- Dr. Ron Smith (engineer :- ) )         

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