Monday, February 16, 2015

The Weekend - Up to Jinja

We left town for the weekend.  We felt we needed a little R&R after a very busy week, so we chartered a bus (called a coaster), and traveled east to the town of Jinja.  We stayed at a nice small place called Two Friends Guesthouse.

The Jinja area is known as the "Source of the Nile".  The River Nile begins as water on the northern side of Lake Victoria combines with springs bubbling up into the lake and flowing north to form the river.  The Nile then meanders north for 4000 miles on its way to the Mediterranean Sea.

We relaxed on Saturday, but did some touring on Sunday.  Our braver team members, Laniece, Yanick, Ryan, and Marilyn went whitewater rafting.  Yes, the upper Nile has some pretty exciting rapids.  They all survived it and lots of stories to tell.  Gregg, Shannon, Michelle, and I took a small boat out to the point where the river is formed as water flows out of Lake Victoria. This is the point that they call the "Source of the Nile.  We later took a leisurely lunch/afternoon river cruise with Captain Henry, his little girl Stacey, and first mate Andrew.

The trip ended with a gusher.   They haven't had any rain here for months, and it came down in buckets on Sunday afternoon, washing out roads.


  1. Terry, really neat stuff! Thanks for the posts and keep up the good work!


  2. I am glad you had a little rest and enjoyed a fun weekend!!

  3. Really interesting and inspiring, Terry. I am really enjoying your posts. Keep them coming! John Spitko