Saturday, February 28, 2015

“Up Country” – Some Relaxation before Conducting HBB – HMS Training in the Iganga Area

VTT Drexel Wave 2 departed Sunday morning to Jinja to prepare for our visits to the Health Centers in Namungalwe and Namalemba for 3 days of HBB and HMS training… 17 anxious midwives waiting. 
The road to Jinja, normally can be a 3 hour ordeal… we made it in 2.  It is was hot day but Jinja is the City and the Source of the Nile… and is pleasant and plush. The dust and the noise of Kamapala is left behind.
In Jinja, we settle in at the 2 Friends Guest house.. a quaint oasis of a resort, African style.  No AC but fans and a swimming pool outside in a well groomed patio area. We loved this break.

A day of R&R what better way to start than a the home of a local Rotarian… Rtn. Sarah from the Kampala North club has a home near to the 2 Friends Guest House… we stop by enter the gate and lunch is served… we broke bread, shared stories or our mission and got to meet her family and we made another Rotary friend, furthering our VTT’s mission. And perhaps recruited a future Drexel Student.

An nice local guide took us to the Source of the Nile and we hired a boat… like an tourist spot… loaded with places to purchase Uganda crafts… it  was fun to dicker a bit.

Ron Smith getting in rythm with the locals 

We took a quiet but very informative trip out on the Nile where it meets Lake Victoria, Somalie, our guide was great.  We were taken along the shore of the dammed Nile, underneath us lies Owens Falls… How appropriate, Dr. Owen is with us and seeing the source of the Nile for his first time. An item of note, there is a monument to Mahatma Ghandi since some of his ashes were released here into the Nile. Bit of Trivia… Ghandi’s ashes were spread along the five great Rivers of the world, other than the Nile, can you name them.

We saw beautiful birds and river/lake wildlife and saw many fishermen. Even a tilapia fish farm.

                                          Dr. Owen at the Source of the Nile

Pelicans on Lake Victoria talapia farm

We got to stand out on the confluence of Lake Victoria and the Nile… what an impressive site.  Also the source of Nile Special Beer

Later that evening we had a final “dip” in the pool and a nice dinner… as we prepared for the next three days of training

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