Monday, February 2, 2015

We're heading back ... to Uganda!

Our Maternal & Child Health Care Project Continues - Ready for Year 2

Only four days away, our work in East Africa heats up as we get ready to drop in on our friends in Uganda.   We know that the dedication of this team has already changed lives, and now the work continues with our project team traveling this week back to visit and work with old friends and make some new ones.

Through a Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation we formed a second Volunteer Training Team to Uganda.  This is an exchange between 3 Rotary Districts in the U. S. and the District that covers Uganda and Tanzania.

Our 11-member VTT Travel Team has been preparing for months and yesterday we gathered in Philadelphia for our send-off dinner before heading out.  We made our last minute plans, dined on Ugandan cuisine (quite good!), and got to know each other a little better.  Dr. Yanick Vibert was our gracious host.

We will be continuing the maternal and child health care project started a year ago.  Over the coming weeks, we'll show you how our medical team from Drexel University College of Medicine will be interacting and collaborating with the medical staff from Makerere University School of Health Sciences in Kampala to help solve a series of problems associated with the health of mothers and babies during and after child birth.

We'll also share with you the people of Uganda and their stories as we work in Mulago Hospital and a number of health centers in and around Kampala and a few more remote areas.

My name is Terry Reed and I'll be your guide on this journey.  I'll be the Rotary leader and non medical member of the project.  Hope you'll check in often and follow along for daily updates and pics on this project blog.  Our team will be in Uganda for 3 weeks and we're excited to share our experiences with you.


This is a continuation of a blog authored by Past District Governor Ron Smith when he led the U. S. Volunteer Training Team to Uganda in January 2014 and when the Ugandan Team came to Philadelphia in April of the same year. Ron is Rotary District 7430's project coordinator for this 3-year project focusing on maternal and child health care in Uganda.

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  1. Great start... Terry I can see you are a Blogger at heart and I am so looking forward to see your daily activities... I also hope others follow the blog and comment. We bloggers love comments... it let's us know someone is reading :-)