Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 2 at Namungalwe– Helping Babies Breath Plus Ante-Natal Visits

We get up at 7:00 AM and head backup the road to Namugalwe, stopping at the Moon Shop to get water, then carry on up the road to Namugalwe. We arrive at 8:45 to begin the 2nd day of training with HBB Plus. Our 17 Midwives and the Center’s Medical Officer, Henry… are anxious.

The Pediatric team conducted another 6 hours of HBB Plus training to midwives and a medical officer from four area health centers and Iganga Hospital. Our VTT is making connections and training trainers and other who will then train others

Tuesday’s are Antenatal days for expectant mothers… BUT we have 4 of Namugalwe MidWives in training…. Drexel to the rescue… 200 women waiting and Midwife Maggie McMahon steps up along with Dr. Owen Montgomery step up to “Service Above Self” to see these women. Not only a well-trained MidWife, but an Ob-Gyn doctor… some of these women have never seen a doctor… Dr. Owen has brought with him a portable ultrasound scanning unit loaned by Phillips, to bring to our Ugandan health centers. It is amazing to see these women’s faces when the see their own baby inside of them…. But they feel even better to see that their baby is healthy… in one case Dr. Owen averted a likely C-section by conducting a procedure called an “external aversion” where he manipulated the mom’s belly / baby to reposition the baby to get it head down towards the birth canal, all because we could “see”… later I learned Mid-Wife Maggie had also “felt” the transverse position of the baby when she was doing the more “low tech” exam… great to have well trained medical staff….

Now with Drexel University and Makerere University working together on Distance Learning Centers and funded by several Global Grants, these more remote Health Centers like Namungalwe and Namalemba will have continual access to the latest health care information and training where they can learn how to take even better care of Mom’s and Babies.

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