Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 3 – Helping Mothers Survive at Namungalwe

On the road at 8:00 to get to Namungalwe for the last day of our training to the Midwives from Namungalwe, Namalemba, and Iganga Hospital… taking the final step of the second ever integrated training of HBB, HBB Plus and HMS… we are setting the standards here in Africa and the world… our Rotarians should be proud we have taken these steps to sustainably improve Maternal and Child Health… We can assure you journal papers will be written by our doctors about this… as we measure outcomes.

Head Midwife at Namubgalwe looking the first time at a computer loaded with the Global Women's Health Library... soon to be 9.4 Gb of  the latest traning materials for doctors, nurses midwife and community members... WOW... what a moment in our project. Directly supporting women's health in Uganda with technology brought thought our Rotary Foundaiton funded parterships with Drexel and Maherere University.

We arrive the final day and our students again are anxiously ready to start Helping Mothers Survive, mainly aimed to train Midwives how to manage bleeding after birth and post partum hemorrhage, a major killer of mothers in birth.… this training program was developed by Jpeigo ( a spin off global health initiative of Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US) to support the training of midwives to reduce the incidence of maternal deaths in low resource countries from post partem hemorrhage. Drexel faculty, members of the VTT had begun training in US before departure for Uganda

but what is this… MamaNatalie.. she is another doll- simulator.. Now our women and men, will have the chance to be expectant mothers wearing an “apron” womb that as all the working parts.. a baby (NeoNatalie), its placenta, the uterus and birth canal.. in fact we had purchased plumb jamb and used red dye to simulate the bleeding at differing levels after birth.

We graduated a class 16 midwives and one health officer… three consecutive days training HBB, HBB Plus and HMS… a first in the world… we are truly breaking
Our proud Graduating class getting certificates and celebrating with a class picture.

We also handed over Mama Natalie and NeoNatalie at Namugalwe so they can continue training others and practicing their own skills… Makerere University team members will visit this site continually to make sure the training and skill building continues… SUSTAINABILITY !!

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