Monday, March 2, 2015

Meeting “Up Country” Rotarians of Iganga Rotary Club

The VTT members had planned on visiting the Iganga Rotary Club with the hopes of presenting our Maternal and Child Health project and its vision to bring computers, supplies, equipment and clean water to a health center about 15 km north of where there club meets. We were hoping to create linkages between Rotary Club of Kampala North (some of its members have family ancestral homes near the two health centers, Namungalwe and Namalemba), and Iganga Rotary Club… PDG Tusu had called ahead and found the Club has changed their meeting time that day and we missed the meeting.. so instead we met Iganga Rotary Club President Fred for dinner at our Mum Resort Hotel.. not quite a “resort” but a cozy friendly place. 

We had 9 for dinner that joined Fred, we met up with our IT VTT-MakCHS person from Makerere Bob John, Dorcas, Prof, Rev. Sam Luboga from Namungalwe and the “Makerere Father” of this project, MakCHS Pediatrician Flavia and MakHS Makerere Mid-wife Dorcas joined together in our own Rotary Fellowship.

Before and at dinner we had an opportunity to explain what the Global Grant vision was and what the VTT Drexel and faculty for Makerere were doing in his club’s area. He was impressed and overwhelmed by our generosity and scale of what we were doing for the people of the Iganga District… We learned then that Rtn. President Fred has also retired being a Commissioner for the National Police in charge of training… and he also the “Chief” of his tribal ancestral home north of Iganga… now we knew we were in good hands and any collaboration with Rotary Club of Iganga would be successful… so much so we invited Pres. Fred and his clubs Service Chair to the “handover ceremony” occurring the next day at Namugalwe Health Center just north of Iganga.  He was overwhelmed with our invite and our hospitality and thanked all of us on behalf of the Iganga Rotary Club and his community… we know have a local partner with whom Kampala North can collaborate with.

It was a the wonderful and “cool” evening and Mid-wife Dorcas actually borrowed a winter jacket and donned it to stay warm…

The evening worked out very well… and President Fred was hooked and committed to come and bring his service chair to the “handing over ceremony” planned for Thursday evening where Rotarians from Rotary Club of Kampala North were coming to officially hand over the computers, networking systems, beds, lab equipment, sterilizers and more to improve the infrastructure of HC Namungalwe while we bring what if needed to support distance education.

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