Sunday, March 1, 2015

Regional Training in HBB & HMS – Iganga Area – Day 1

Health Center – Namungalwe hosted a 3-day training program in HBB and HMS training. Drexel and Makerere are conducting groundbreaking integrated training of Helping Babies Breath (HBB), Essential Care for Every Baby (ECEB aka. HBB Plus) and Helping Mothers Survive (HMS) all with Master Trainers… as first as we know in the World… we are really breaking ground.
Dr’s Ryan Smith and Marilyn Mendoza teamed up with Dr. Flavia Namiro (MakCHS) and Dorcas Aroyo to conduct Helping Babies Breath in four teams with 17 eager Midwives and Namungalwe’s Health Officer.

The midwives listen to Dr. Flavia our Master Trainer discuss the “Golden Minute” in HBB. It is all about getting the baby assessed and breathing on their own in the first 1 -2 minutes after being delivered.  then our other Master Trainers, Marilyn, Ryan and Dorcas lead smaller groups in skill training 4 of the 10 NeoNatalies (purchased Rotary Foundation Global Grant funds and brought by the VTT Drexel members). 

NeoNatlie is the baby simulator that supports training to suction baby to remove merconium from the breathing pathway, dry the baby, then assess is the baby crying or not (master trainer as a noise maker) if not, then the student needs to resuscitate… a mask and bag is in the kit support this resuscitation training.

NeoNatalie simulates a clear breathing pathway, then if the head it not tilted back properly NeoNatalie will not permit a filling of the lungs (air sacs in the doll). The students lean to position the head, place the breaking mask properly to get and maintain seal… and squeeze pump. If all is proper, the chest rises and falls … and the group excited for their team member achieving the skill.  Then in 30 seconds the group trainer, controlling the rising and falling of the chest can make NeoNatlie not indicate breathing, then the Midwive students start the process again to clear the airway, then bag and resuscitate again.

A lot of skills being practiced by 17 Midwives and health officers in Iganga.. this training of skills will save lives and we are leaving the training simulators behind to enable the midwives to practice their skills and train others. Our Global Grant at work saving children in Uganda.

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