Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sustaining Our Maternal and Child Healthcare Education with Technology

On our 3rd day at Namugalwe our Global Grant is coming together. After 5 years in planning we are seeing the fruition of our efforts. A computer network with four computers is being installed and we have graduated 16 midwives and one medical officer from Helping Babies Breath, Helping Babies Breath Plus and Helping Mothers Survives. Namugalwe with the help of Rotarians and The Rotary Foundation are installing the key piece of sustainability… a computer network linked to Makerere University and through them to Drexel University in the USA.

CompuPoint Arrives with cabling networking materials and the four computers. This year we brouugh BRCK's rugged internet accessible wireless networking access point. Works and community members within the HC area will be able soon to access all health information on the hard drive anywhere in the center... Also notebook computers were donated by Drexel and the Global Grant puchased severl inexpensive Android based wireless accesible tablet computers... Namugamlwe and the rest of our pilot health centers.

Boxes of computers and networking equipment is anxiously unloaded and brought into the center.

Instllation is progressing all in the same day... so glad the VTT is there to witness... while this is going on our Drexel and Makerere University are teaching Helping Mothers Survive (HMS). This computer center will become the hub of healthcare working enducation in the Igana region... another ground breaking day !  Thank you Rotary !

Also today with the network, we are installing on a local hard drive, 4 TeraByte, the Global Library on Women’s Health… see it loading on to local network below.  Midwives, health officers, medical students, the health centers staff and the community at large, will be able to view in various ways the video’s, presentations, and latest journal articles on women’s health.  We are achieving so much with our efforts at Namungalwe and Namlemba.

These children below are so excited we are there.. maybe because of the candy and photo's  but We know these childern and the families that these young children will REALLY reap the benefits of our work here !

We celebrate that evening for the community to benefit from our Rotary Foundaiton work at Prof Rev Sam Luboga's home nearby Namungalwe... he is and will in the future be the key to success at this health center... success does depend on a local champion !

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